Did you know that the average adult thinks of 3 to 6 alternatives to any given situation, the average child thinks of 60. This is the foundation of our blog. As conversationalists & talented marketers, we pride ourselves on coming up with fresh ideas as a team, sourcing new projects & starting new challenges. We start each day at Chatterbox HQ with a healthy dose of inspiration checking out other blogs, researching, reading and sharing ideas with our team of seven brilliant minds – It’s how we stay relevant, have fun and how we remain on top. Afterall, in the words of Albert Einstein – Creativity is intelligence having fun! We hope you enjoy our compilation of blogs, videos and podcasts from Chatterbox – the ultimate conversation starters!

Leave Your Mark

Do you want to leave an outstanding first impression with your prospective clients, investors or colleagues? The five tips outlined below will help you create a visually appealing presentation [...]


Who uses fax machines these days? This became a bit of a joke at the Chatterbox HQ recently when we were asked to fax a form to a renowned institute to renew a marketing membership. The plight of [...]

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